Volume. 16 - issue 1 / 2020

No. Title Authors Pages
1 Evaluation of global citizenship education in the Vietnamese school context
Luong Viet Thai,
Nguyen Hong Lien,
Bui Dieu Quynh,
Hoang Phuong Hanh,
Nguyen Le Thach,
Le Anh Vinh,
Do Thi Thu Thuy,
2 Strategies and plans for education transformation
Gu Saw Lan,
3 National policy on education for sustainable development in Vietnam preschool and general education - Reality and solution
Nguyen Thi Hong Van,
Nguyen Le Van Dung,
4 Current status of SOGIE - related school violence in Vietnam: Some findings from a national study
Bui Thanh Xuan,
Tran Huy Hoang,
5 Assessment to learning: Improving the effectiveness of a teacher’s feedback to the learner through future actionable knowledge
Tony Richardson,
Dang Thi Huong Thao,
Nguyen Thi Tam Trang,
Nguyen Ngoc Anh,
6 Promoting skills-based education in the 21st century: A dataset of Vietnamese secondary students
Do Duc Lan,
Bui Thi Dien,
Hoang Phuong Hanh,
Ly Quoc Bien,
Bui Dieu Quynh,
Nguyen Hong Lien,
Le Anh Vinh,
7 Scientific research in the university: Its roles and some explanatory theories
Hoang Van Tuyen,
8 Potential development geometric thinking for children through Tri Uan
Chu Cam Tho,
Vu Anh Tuan,
Nguyen Tien Dat,
9 The model of academic staff development in the context of enhancing university autonomy and social responsibility
Ngo Thi Hieu,
Nguyen Thanh Hung,
Tran Cong Phong,
10 Streaming and articulation in education: The solution for building a learning society in Vietnam
Do Thi Bich Loan,
Nguyen Duc Trung,
11 Exploring the lecturing staff development in the Education Faculty of a Mekong Delta University
Huynh Thanh Tien,
Tran Thi Thanh Hue,
12 Developing high-quality human resources in Information Technology - Where are the solutions for Vietnam?
Tran Thi Thai Ha,
Luong Minh Phuong,
13 Human resources training at tertiary level through constant education mode in Can Tho University
Pham Phuong Tam,
14 A comparative research on the international classification of education (ISCED) 1997-2011 and the new structure of Vietnam education system
Tran Khanh Duc,
Duong Thi Thuy Ma,
15 Perspective of parents on personality education issue of primary students
Nguyen Thi Thanh Tung,
Hoang Thi Thinh,
16 The role of perceived usefulness on student satisfaction of learning management system - Case study of business students
Do Thi Hai Ninh,
17 Experiential teaching through organizing project-based learning at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education
Duong Thi Kim Oanh,