Why choose Journal

Currently, Vietnam Journal of Educational Sciences is ranked 1 point in the list of journals by The state council for professorship (Vietnam).

Through the process of building and maturing, Vietnam Journal of Educational Sciences has made positive contributions to the cause of scientific research of the country in general and of the Vietnam National Institute of Educational Sciences. This is reflected in the following aspects:

Vietnam Journal of Educational Sciences has made a positive contribution to the renewal of awareness, theoretical thinking and practice in researching educational plan of he Vietnam National Institute of Educational Sciences. The articles published in the Vietnamese Journal of Educational Planning focus on both basic and urgent issues of the education and training industry, new research results on education and management, general education and training issues, and education and training issues. of localities in particular ... has increased academic value to help management staff, lecturers, researchers, graduate students, teachers ... increasingly understand the issues of education. In addition, many articles have introduced new legal documents, local management experiences, examples and innovations in education and training in all parts of the country, summarized into Lessons learned and transmitted promptly to readers.

Jounal provides information on domestic and foreign educational research for the industry's research, teaching and training. From January 2010 to December 2019, Vietnam Jounal of Educational Sciences has published nearly 3,000 articles with high scientific content and reliability to bring new knowledge, new research results in the educational plan for teaching staff. teachers, teachers, administrators, graduate students, graduate students ... all over the country. Vietnam Jounal of Educational Sciences also has many articles introducing modern teaching methods, experiences in teaching and learning, thereby contributing to helping administrators, lecturers and teachers to innovate. improve content and teaching methods.

On average, the number of articles by the Vietnam National Institute of Educational Sciences accounts for 15% to 20% of the total number of articles in each issue of journals, 80% to 85% of the articles are sent from all research institutions. research and education across the country, and the magazine has published in Vietnamese so almost no articles have been sent from foreign units.

Vietnam Journal of Educational Sciences has really become a forum for scientific education for researchers, managers, lecturers, teachers, graduate students and students of universities across the country to exchange experiences. on research, teaching, studying and preparing for your scientific career.