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Journal Submission Guidelines for Authors


Thank you for choosing to submit your paper to us. Please take time to read and follow these instructions carefully to ensure that your paper aligns with VNIES publication requirements. 


1.    Language
The language of the manuscript must be in English (either American or British standard, but not the mixture of both).

2.    Submission Method

Contributors should submit their manuscripts in .doc or .rtf format. All submissions are subjected to a blind peer review process and must accord with the style guidelines which are available and downloadable on VJES webpage. Manuscripts should be accompanied by an abstract and a keyword list (3-5 words). Although there is no upper limit on the length of manuscripts, the manuscript narrative should be between 8-12 pages (8000 words) in accordance to the APA style which requires both in-text citations and a reference list. Manuscripts that do not comply with instructions specified herein will be returned to the author immediately. The editors encourage contributors to avoid including explanatory notes whose material can be incorporated into the text. 

Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyrighted material from other sources and are required to sign an agreement for the transfer of copyright to the publisher. As an author, you are required to secure permission if you want to reproduce any figure, table, or extract from the text of another source. This applies to direct reproduction as well as "derivative reproduction" (where you have created a new figure or table which derives substantially from a copyrighted source). All accepted manuscripts, artwork, and photographs become the property of the publisher. 

While waiting for the website to be upgraded, authors can send their submissions via email address: 


3.    Illustrations

Illustrations submitted (line drawings, halftones, photos, photomicrographs, etc.) should be clean digital files. For highest quality reproduction, contributors should follow these guidelines: 
•    300 dpi or higher
•    Sized to fit on journal page
•    EPS, TIFF, JPG, or PSD format only 


4.    Tables and Figures

Tables and figures (illustrations) should be embedded within the text. A short descriptive title should appear above each table with a clear legend and any footnotes suitably identified below. All units must be included. Figures should be completely labeled, taking into account necessary size reduction. 


5.    References
Author(s) should follow the APA 7th edition in referencing. 
Please visit for detailed guidance.

6.    Proofs
Page proofs are sent to the designated author and must be carefully checked and returned within 48 hours of receipt.