VJES (English Publication)

1.1. Organization name: Vietnam Journal of Educational Planning

- International transaction name: Vietnam Journal of Educational Sciences (VJES)

- ISSN Index: 2615 - 8965 (For Magazines published in English)

2615 - 8957 (For Magazines published in Vietnamese)

1.2. Address:

- Số 101, Trần Hưng Đạo, Cửa Nam Ward, Quận Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi.

- Phone: 024.39422314 - 024. 39423488 - 024.39424183.

- Email: vjes@moet.edu.vn

- Website: jes.vnies.edu.vn

- Account number: 110000001487 - Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade, Hanoi branch.

- Tax code: 0101806822.

1.3. Line Agency: Vietnam Academy of Educational Sciences

1.4. Decision body and date of establishment

Vietnam Science and Technology Magazine is a scientific mouthpiece of the Vietnam Academy of Educational Sciences established by the Institute of Strategy and Education Program (now the Vietnam Academy of Educational Sciences) on August 1, 2005, on the basis of merging the Journal Information on Educational Planning of the Institute of Educational Sciences and Educational Development Magazine of the Institute of Educational Development Research.

1.5. Functions, duties and powers prescribed by the governing body

1.5.1. Position and function

- Vietnam Science and Technology Magazine is a scientific and non-business unit under the Vietnam Academy of Education, which helps the President to publish research results on the areas of education of the Vietnam Academy of Education and the Education and Training sector.

- The journal operates under the Press Law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Publishing License is issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

- The magazine publishes 12 issues a year in Vietnamese; 02 numbers in English with 120 intestine pages; 04 issues of Early Childhood Education with 64 pages of intestine.

1.5.2. Duties and powers

1 / Mission

- Propagating lines, undertakings and policies of the Party and State on Education and Training.

- Announcing research results on educational planning, reflecting the theoretical achievements and practice of Vietnamese education, researching international educational experience.

2 / Authority

- The journal of educational planning has the right to select and publish research works on educational planning, articles on education and education on journals and journals.

- Elaborating and promulgating detailed regulations on the activities of the Journal in accordance with the organization and operation regulations of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and the provisions of law.

- Perform other duties and powers as assigned by the Director of the Vietnam Academy of Educational Sciences.

3 / Mission, goals and operational principles

- Educational Science Magazine is an academic journal about Education Science and Technology of Vietnam Academy of Education with the mission of announcing scientific research projects in the field of Education and Training.

- The purpose of the Journal is to support and promote scientific research, education and training activities through basic functions: 1 / Research and develop education and training plans; 2 / Establishing scientific prestige and improving research capacity of scientists; 3 / As an academic communication channel of the scientific research community; 4 / Testing the quality of scientific research through the review process; 5 / Database references and citations for future studies.

- The scope of the Journal's publication covers theoretical and practical research issues in the field of education and training of Vietnam and the world.

In order to ensure scientific standards and quality, all articles submitted in the Science Journal are carefully reviewed by prestigious scientists, leading experts in the field of education and training of Vietnam. Male.