Publication Charges

(1) Rapid Submission costs (300,000 KRW or 300 USD) additional charge in addition to the regular publication fee, and the Rapid Submission charge is not refundable under all circumstances.


(2) The Publication Fee, when an article is accepted, is 300,000 KRW (or 300 USD) up to the first six pages. If the length of the article is over six pages, an extra amount of 50,000 KRW (or 50 USD) will be added per each additional page. (e.g. The publication fee for an article with total 8 pages will be 400,000 KRW = 300,000 KRW (for first 6 pages) + 100,000 KRW (for 2 additional pages).)


(3) For the Authors who wish to have the colour print of their figures, (not including the copies of extra reprint), please select "Color Print of Figure" in the payment process. The Charge for "Color Print of Figure" starts from 250000 KRW (or 250 USD) for the first page (not per figure) and 50000 KRW (or 50 USD) per page will be added.